Development Stage


Release Time



Windows, Mac OS X


Sandbox, Adventure, RPG

Age Limits

CBAL: +7

Current Developer

CopperBlock Inc.

Head Developers

John Iron, Nick Berry


John Iron

Herocraft is a game that was started at summer 2012. There is no information about when it's ready or released, but this time will most likely never occur. Herocraft is mostly based on Minecraft, however differently coded.


Herocraft has mostly the same feeling as Minecraft, since it is a huge 3D world made out of blocks. However, the biggest differences are the different lightning system, diferent world generation and completely different entities. Herocraft is also much much more versatile that the basic Minecraft.


Herocraft graphics are 16x16 pixels, meaning that every side of a block is coloured with 256 pixels. A good example is that Minecraft is the excacly same resolution.


The idea of Herocraft is that you are sent in a wierd world by some sort of evil overlord, and you must survive and destroy his minions(bosses). After you have fought and destroyed all the bosses and have gone into other dismensions you must fight The Overlord and save the universe.

The main idea is to survive by chopping, mining, digging, building, crafting, creating, fighting and adventuring.

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